Drugloo Ranger

Portable banned substances recovery equipment

Compact enough to be transported in a light van or estate car, this equipment has built-in water and waste tanks and is battery powered. It can be easily deployed and used where no water, electrical or waste services are available.

‘Hands free’ washing and recovery system similar to that used in the Drugloo Evolution. This provides the maximum protection to the operative whilst allowing all the recovered items to be sterilised prior to recovery.


1100 x 500 x 600mm (cover down).


Empty – 60Kg.
Full – 100Kg.

Automatic sanitising system treats incoming water to provide maximum protection to operative whilst sterilising recovered packages. Rugged stainless steel construction.

Unit has its own internal water feed hose that needs to be connected to water supply when filling up the water chambers.

The unit also has its own internal waste feed hose with electrical pump that is deployed when emptying the waste from the unit.