Drugloo, Drug Buggy and Associated Equipment

Drugloo Ltd. is a privately owned company based in the south-east corner of England. All Drugloo products are designed and manufactured in our own bespoke manufacturing workshops.

Our equipment is installed and in regular use in the UK. The equipment is also installed and in regular use in police stations, prisons, secure hospitals and young offenders institutes world wide  including the USA, Canada, Germany, Spain and Africa. Whilst the problems associated with the recovery of packages of banned substances remain constant, the physical locations and methods of recovery varies from location to location. We therefore have developed a range of equipment to suit these various situations.

The Problem

You have detained a person you suspect of carrying banned substances and believe that packages of these substances have been internally concealed by swallowing or rectal insertion.

You are now faced with the problem of recovering these packages in such a way as to maintain continuity of evidence for future court proceedings, whilst being aware of the threat of disease or contamination from these packages.

You also have to respect the rights of the detainee, and wish for the recovery process to be as discreet and sympathetic as possible.

The Solution

Our range of Banned Substances Recovery Equipment is designed to assist in the safe, hygienic and discreet recovery of packages of banned substances from the faeces of detainees. Our products offer the operative the maximum amount of protection from contamination, whilst maintaining the chain of continuity of evidence. Built as a specialised toilet, the equipment enables the packages to be separated from all other unwanted debris, which is then washed away, leaving the packages to be sterilised within the equipment and discharged directly into an evidence container. The operative has no direct physical contact with anything inside the equipment, or contact with the recovered packages.

On the following pages you will find the standard range of recovery equipment we offer. But as all of the equipment is individually manufactured by ourselves, we will be pleased to discuss your particular requirements prior to production, to ensure that the equipment you choose is exactly right for your application.


Fixed installation Drugloo’s are factory assembled and fully tested prior to dispatch. These units are supplied in modular form with each part being easily manhandled  and will pass throught standard door openings. Both graphic and written instruction details are supplied. Whilst these instructions are easy to follow and should present no problems for local tradesmen, we do offer full technical back-up by fax, telephone or email and can provide site supervision if necessary.


Training is available, please see our website for more details.


All models are supplied with an operators manual, with easy to follow instructions for the successful operation of the equipment. A section at the back of each manual offers basic routine maintenance advice.


The equipment is covered for a period of 12 months against manufacturing defects, with full technical backup available by fax or email.