Drugloo International Limited is an Award Winning company which manufactures Banned Substance Recovery Units in Colchester, UK.

The first Drugloo unit was invented by us following a meeting with HM Custom & Excise at Dover Sea Port, England. During the meeting, we was asked to provide a practical solution to the growing problem of recovering packages of banned substances from people attempting to smuggle these items into the UK inside their bodies.

The brief was simple – HM Customs & Excise needed to recover concealed packages SAFELY, HYGIENICALLY and as SYMPATHETICALLY as possible. In a manner that would protect the operative from potential exposure to human discharge, potential infections and unpleasant smells. This was the start of a long road for us spanning several years and culminating in us developing a comprehensive range of Drugloo units that you will find on our website.

We now have a range of Drugloo units that offer a portable, covert and retro-fit solution to the ever growing issue of recovering contraband from human mules.

Whilst we have a comprehensive range of Award Winning Drugloo units, we specialise in providing customised solutions for each project.

You will now find Drugloo units in over 35 countries.

Drugloo units are used to recover

  • Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Explosives
  • Semtex
  • Diamonds
  • Cell phones
  • Sim Cards
  • Money
  • Prisoner Communications

Our customers

  • Border Agencies
  • Police
  • Prison Service
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Seaports
  • Secure Medical Facilities
  • Specialist Task Forces
  • Coast Guard
  • Military

Drugloo specifications

  • All units are extremely robust and made from stainless steel
  • All units are retro fits and/or portable
  • Hermetically sealed agitation unit
  • Separate sterilisation recovery chamber
  • Tamper-proof mechanism
  • Protects operatives from bad odours and contaminated water
  • Protects operatives from potentially harmful infections
  • No contamination of evidence
  • All units have a 25-year life expectancy
  • Minimal maintenance

Drugloo units are hand-built in our factory in Colchester, UK.