Drugloo Buggy

Drug Buggy Compact
Drugloo Buggy

Portable banned substances recovery equipment:

Compact enough to be transported in a car, then wheeled into operating position. The Drugloo Buggy folds down when not in use to enable it to be transported in the boot of a car then taken out, deployed and used wherever there is a fresh water supply and access to a WC (into which the waste pipe is temporarily fitted to dispose of the unwanted debris.)

Automatic sanitizing system treats incoming water to provide maximum protection to operative whilst sterilising recovered packages.

‘Hands free’ washing and recovery system similar to that used in the Drugloo Evolution, this provides the maximum protection to the operative whilst allowing all the recovered items to be sterilized prior to recovery.

Battery powered. Supplied with 2 battery packs and a customized battery charger unit to enable the equipment to be operated remote from a power supply.

Rugged stainless steel construction.


  • Folded for transport/storage – 400 x 500 x 850mm.
  • Deployed – 100 x 500 1000mm.
  • Weight – 45Kg.

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