Corona Virus Notification

To all our customers

We feel it is important to provide an update to on how Drugloo International is responding to the Coronavirus outbreak.


We have an adequate stock of all Drugloo units and they are available for delivery anywhere in the world within 1-3 weeks from confirmed order.

We will continue to manufacture Drugloo units throughout this period and have contingency plans should there be any interruption in manufacturing.

Existing Orders

If you have placed an order via one of our international representatives and are awaiting a delivery please contact us directly for shipping details.

Installation and Commissioning

Drugloo units are quit straight forward and easy to install and we can offer live video instruction direct from our factory here in the UK. So there should be no interruption in putting your Drugloo unit into service.

Please use the following contacts as a point of reference –

Yours sincerely,

John W Baker
Managing Director